What have I been up to the last few decades?

Web developer at Svenska Handelsbanken
Web developer at Ping Pong AB
Web Programming, Java, C++ C#, PHP - Gotland University
C++ - Uppsala University
Driver and traffic controller at Stockholm tramways
Java, databases, Pascal, logic - Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University
Jazz- and pedagogic studies - Royal College of Music, Stockholm
Jazz studies - Folk Colleges of Hemse and Lunnevad
History of Ideas - Stockholm University
Musicology - Stockholm University
Musical Military Service
Music Programme - Södra Latin High School
Natural Science Programme - Tumba High School
Playing saxophone
Programming 6501 assembly and Basic on the Commodore 64

I have been programming since I was twelwe or thirteen. First Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum BASIC, then moving to 6501 assembly. Later, various other BASIC dialects as well as Pascal and Perl, C/C++, Java, Ruby and PHP.

After jazz- and pedagogic studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, I worked as a musician and a teacher in (jazz/pop/rock) improvisation and ensemble playing. After a while, I joined Stockolm Tramways, where I drove trains and also worked as a traffic supervisor for the tramway system.

After that, I worked 10 years at Ping Pong AB as a full stack web developer. Day to day work involved a lot of Java, jsp, PostgreSQL, CSS, JavaScript and more.

My current occupation is at Svenska Handelsbanken whene I primarily do front end work for the Internet banking services.
“Front end” in this case means using a system of Custom Elements together with CSS (and friends) to build working, useful and usable applications to be consumed by web clients.

In my “spare” time I have been focusing on JavaScript and node.js, but also done work in PHP and Rails.
I keep myself updated about what is happening in the web development world by following and interacting with some interesting people via Twitter, following mailing lists like ES-discuss (for future versions of JavaScript) as well as participating in the use group sthlm.js and going to conferences like jsconf.eu and Jfokus now and then.